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The role of PM Microwave in telecom business

PM Microwave began its activity in 2001, as a response to the increasing demand in railway and broadcast telecommunication market. Since 1992 the previous company PM Progettazione Microonde had dealt with consulting services for radiofrequency applications. Its field of work branched progressively out to the design and development of printed circuit boards, RF modules and subsystems on behalf of other telecom companies.

The company became quickly a reference point for those who, both in Italy and worldwide, need “special microwave applications”: the solutions proposed by PM Microwave represent a synthesis between the customer requirements and the most advanced and reliable technologies available on the market.

The ISO 9001 certification, successfully achieved in 2007, allowed and still allows to improve the organizational processes and the overall quality of products and services. The production involves two distinct branches of the company core business: the railway and the broadcasting market. PM Microwave deals with both markets offering and supplying customized products (often developed on OEM base) aligned to the state of the art. In this way the customer’s requirements are always satisfied and fulfilled.

In 2012 PM Microwave was proud to open the new operative headquarter in Rivalta sul Mincio, increasing its production capacity and aiming to revive its image in a more and more selective telecommunication market.

Areas and facilities

The PM Microwave operative site in Rivalta sul Mincio (MN) covers an area of 1200 sqm where the following facilities are located: directional, administrative and technical offices, laboratories, assembly rooms, warehouse for components storage and a small mechanical workshop.

Instruments and equipments

PM Microwave can develop products for applications up to 20 GHz and it can also support measuring and testing activities thanks to its advanced instruments which include scalar and vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal analyzers, oscilloscopes, power meters and signal generators. PM Microwave is also equipped with a climatic chamber which allows to test final products at controlled temperature and humidity.

Research and development

The continuous investment in Research and Development allows PM Microwave to operate in the design area with greater accuracy and quality, guaranteeing more and more advanced and reliable solutions. The design team has at his disposal many advanced instruments for 3D mechanical design, 3D electromagnetic simulation, PCB design, firmware and software development. The customer may rely on the efficiency and experience of the design team, having the possibility to agree with the functionalities, the performances bonds and the layout of the desired product.


PM Microwave is certified to ISO 9001 since 2007. The continuous improvement is an individual target among PM Microwave's people, in order to maximize the product quality and to optimize the schedule planned with the customer.

PM Microwave: Quality Policy
RINA: ISO 9001:2015 - 17183/07/S certificate
IQNet: 59959 certificate