Broadcasting area


The products PM Microwave proposes for the broadcasting market cover several categories, such as Analog and Digital Transmitters and Receivers, Modulators and Demodulators, Encoders and Decoders, and Up and Down Converters. These are all active devices available in multiple hardware and software configurations, which can be preliminarily customized according to specific customer requirements.
PM Microwave also offers solutions of Antennas and antenna systems for various applications. Furthermore, the product portfolio includes a range of RF Modules (i.e., Power Amplifiers, LNA, low power RF Amplifiers, Up and Down Converters, Splitters and Combiners, and Filters), able to meet the most demanding needs of system integrators.


The services offered by PM Microwave for the broadcasting market range from the consultancy to the maintenance of the installed products. The high technical competences, added to instruments in the van, allow to offer highly professional and technologically advanced solutions and services.

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